NAR, the 1980s called — they want their excuses back

Women need an equal place in this industry
  • The number of top positions at NAR that are held by men is disheartening considering that 62 percent of members are women.
  • NAR isn't a democracy. We are stuck with the appointed.
  • There are real estate family dynasties among NAR leadership.

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This past week, readers reacted with outrage to the article about how National Association of Realtors' top employees and board members are compensated. Several people suggested that NAR’s top brass gets paid too much. I don’t know a thing about compensation or how much a person should be paid. I have not had a job since 2002. I hire people by the job or real estate agents as independent contractors, whom I don't have to pay a dime to until their sale closes. Maybe it's hard to get good help for less than a couple hundred thousand dollars plus travel expenses -- I really don’t know. What struck me was the number of top jobs and positions that are held by men -- in an organization with a membership that is 62 percent women. I still can’t get past it. I don’t know much about the jobs, but it seems strange to me that our leadership is so demographically different than our membership -- or even the general population. NAR leaders, employees and committee members ju...