Immoviewer: 3-D tours in 15 minutes for buyer’s agents

Immoviewer says over 2,000 brokerages outside U.S. use its 3-D technology
  • Immoviewer says agents can use its technology to produce lightweight 3-D home tours in 15 minutes.
  • That quick turnaround time might make it useful to buyer's agents, not just listing agents.

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Real estate agents have mostly only produced 3-D home tours in service to homesellers so far, wowing prospects and sometimes reducing how often clients must vacate their properties for showings. But a European 3-D provider has introduced a product that could conceivably spur agents to use 3-D technology to help buyer clients. Agents can use immoviewer's 3-D toolkit to churn out lightweight 3-D tours in just 15 minutes, the firm claims. They can share the visualizations not only through traditional communication channels, but also by presenting them in a webinar-like experience that lets agents and buyers virtually explore and discuss a home in real time online. Another perk is a clever feature that helps agents milk 3-D tours for leads. Immoviewer's tours are essentially a small batch of 360-degree photos that users can jump between. They lack the continuity and bells and whistles of immersive 3-D models like those provided by Matterport. That's be...