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Why this industry brokerage titan must reinvent the franchising wheel
Nov 29

“Do you think of yourself as a fiduciary with your clients?” Brad Inman posted this seemingly innocent question on the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook Page.

Sep 6

Last week, I provided thoughts on why some Realtors believe that their dues are in essence a forced “tax” on real estate professionals either because their MLS requires Realtor membership or because their broker requires it as a result of the National Association of Realtor’s broker-centric dues billing policy.

Jun 29

In the past couple of weeks, there has been much discussion about the National Association of Realtors on Inman and social media. It began with an Inman article about NAR staff and volunteer leader compensation, followed by Rob Hahn’s insight into how NAR spends marketing dollars, followed by Teresa Boardman’s thoughts on women leaders at NAR (or the lack thereof), followed by Hahn giving his thoughts on the women who NAR should consider as their next CEO.

Jun 22

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My first college class as a wide-eyed freshman at the University of Washington. Econ 101. I walked into this cavernous auditorium with 1,000 other wide-eyed freshmen and found my place. Front row, balcony center, where I sat twice a week for an entire quarter and listened to a renowned professor who I never actually met or even saw his face (the big screen with fascinating supply-and-demand overheads was plenty to capture my attention).

May 25

Six weeks ago, I wrote about how the online agent ratings and review landscape is broken, to which Rob Hahn correctly pointed out that I did not provide any suggested solution.

May 4

The MLS has served the industry well. For decades, it has provided a basis for all broker participants and their agents — large or small franchise or indie — to share listings while simultaneously competing for business under a common set of local rules. It’s the great equalizer regarding access to available inventory.

Apr 4

Agent professionalism — or the lack thereof — is the biggest risk to agents, according to the DANGER Report. “Raise the bar” is the chant. #QualityOverQuantity is the answer. So says all-around good guy Sam DeBord in a piece he wrote about the industry’s misguided fixation on closed deals as the measure of an agent’s value and professionalism.

Mar 11