Artificial intelligence: Coming to a portal near you

User experience and profitability stand as reasons AI will become more prominent in the near future
  • Intelligent bots can answer questions instantly, every time, without fail.
  • A bot can quickly process vast amounts of data to answer basic questions about a particular property.
  • Portals are always looking to improve the user experience and make more money, and well-designed bots can help with both.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My first college class as a wide-eyed freshman at the University of Washington. Econ 101. I walked into this cavernous auditorium with 1,000 other wide-eyed freshmen and found my place. Front row, balcony center, where I sat twice a week for an entire quarter and listened to a renowned professor who I never actually met or even saw his face (the big screen with fascinating supply-and-demand overheads was plenty to capture my attention).