Miami developer teams with NYC agency to draw snowbirds south

  • Canvas condos developer NR Investments partnered with Klara Madlin Real Estate to sell Miami condos in New York.
  • Madlin's marketing plan is to attract "snowbirds" to Miami's warm climates, aiming for the many New Yorkers looking to escape the cold months to a second home.
  • The apartments are priced from $337,000 to $570,000.

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Miami developer NR Investments isn't comparing apples to oranges, but it does think residents of the Big Apple will fit perfectly as snowbirds in the orange-growing climate of Miami. Klara Madlin Real Estate, based in New York, has teamed up with NR Investments to offer New Yorkers exclusive access to the remaining units in Canvas, a new luxury high-rise. The first thing about the Canvas development that caught founder Klara Madlin's eye was its location the emerging neighborhood and walkability, she said. Given Miami's no. 5 rank on WalkScore's top ten list, this should come to little surprise. Madlin has never embarked on a project like this -- one she says is a very smart move for the developers in charge of the project. The idea behind opening up an office in New York to attract clients to Miami's Canvas apartments is not new, but it did require some out-of-the-box thinking. "What these developers did that others do not bother doing is they registered an offeri...