5 burning questions about Instagram’s disappearing stories — settled

Agents tapping into the psychology and strategies behind the new feature can successfully use it as a marketing tool
  • Start using Instagram Stories to stay at the top of your network's feed.
  • Show listings and the day-to-day behind the scenes of being an agent.
  • Use the natural discovery and Facebook networking that Instagram gives you to increase your digital footprint.

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Instagram stole some momentum from Snapchat with its latest update, which allows for self-deleting stories (after 24 hours). This is especially exciting for real estate pros who were just starting to get the hang of Snapchat, as Instagram created, essentially, a carbon copy of Snapchat’s story feature. Instagram Stories, similar to Snapchat, show up at the top of your feed, and they are displayed based on who within your network has updated their story last. This promotes consistent use of the platform. So why are disappearing stories important? It comes down to the fear of missing out (FOMO), a phenomenon that arose with the social media boom. FOMO is what keeps you coming back to social media to check on your friends' updates, even if it's done subconsciously. Disappearing stories only magnify FOMO as it cues users to check their feeds at least one time every 24 hours to receive content -- because they don't want to miss something great. This has been one of the many f...