Video: 6,000 Instagram followers in 10 months, agent tells all

How Realtor Sarah Johnston is having her best sales year ever
  • Start with pictures and a short write-up, and then experiment with very short video clips.
  • Post one or two times a day to Instagram -- more isn’t always better.
  • Interaction is key -- make sure you set aside time to interact anytime you post to Instagram.

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Thanks to consistent, authentic Instagram posts and one key video, Sarah Johnston has built her Instagram following to over 6,000 in just 10 months. And she's having her best sales year in spite of a major down market in Calgary. In our latest episode, Johnston shares her story, the types of content she posts, the best times to post, how to use hashtags on Instagram and much more. In this clip, Johnston shares how a one-off video generated over 500 likes, 150 comments, thousands of new followers and a direct referral from an agent she'd never met. Real Estate Uncensored: Sales and Marketing Training Podcast Hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson with guest Sarah Johnston We start with the basics of Instagram, including what types of content are most popular, why you should stick with very short videos even though Instagram raised its limit to 60 seconds and how to find your Facebook friends on Instagram. Johnston shared the top three ways Instagram has changed her business: ...