Inman announces Connecticut Realtors as the newest Select member

Connecticut Realtors to provide members with the insight of Inman Select

Emeryville, CA (Sept. 22, 2016) – Inman announced that Connecticut Association of Realtors, Inc. (CT REALTORS) will launch Inman Select to their 16,000-member base, beginning September 27.

Inman Select is a premium news service for real estate professionals that delivers the latest industry news, analysis, special reports, videos, and in-depth profiles of successful brokers and agents. More than 324,000 real estate professionals rely on Inman Select for daily insight and exclusive tools to grow their business.

“I believe this partnership can assist and empower every Connecticut Realtor to have the knowledge and tools needed in preparing for the future in the real estate industry and to serve their clients,” said Mike Feldman, CT REALTORS 2016 president.

CT REALTORS is the latest association to join the ranks of real estate associations and franchises that now offer Inman Select to their constituents, which includes such industry giants as Houston Association of Realtors, Miami Association of Realtors, Illinois Realtors, and South Carolina Realtors.

“We welcome CT REALTORS to Inman Select. This decision will help their members raise their real estate IQ, becoming smarter for their customers,” said Brad Inman, Publisher.

For more information on Inman Select for your group or organization, please contact or learn more online.