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A real estate agent showing a home to a family

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10. Do you have 99 problems — of which keys are most definitely one? You might be a real estate agent.

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9. Why do most real estate agents fail, and how do you make sure you aren’t in their number?

A boa constrictor in a tree

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8. “I can’t find my boa constrictor” is a thing you never want to hear a client say. Here are a few more gems.

A couple in front of a home with a real estate agent

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7. Maryland’s new open-house disclosure laws contain new requirements for agents — what are they?


6. There are things you do for listings clients … and then there are things you maybe shouldn’t do for them. Where do you draw the line?

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5. Can 100-percent commission split brokerages thrive? This one is growing like gangbusters.

A young man giving advice to a young couple

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4. Buyer insisting on putting in a lowball offer? Here’s what you do.

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3. Some places are safer than others for speaking your mind, and these 6 things should never be uttered during a home tour.

Johan Swanepoel /

Johan Swanepoel /

2. One franchise group, one loan provider and one marketing agreement gone wrong add up to two lawsuits.

small talk big talk

1. Is it illegal to discuss real estate commissions on social media? The answers in this story might surprise you.

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