Where should real estate agents draw the line with listing clients?

An Inman poll shows that certain gestures are simply part of the job, while others leave room for liability
  • Last week, we asked Inman readers to share what they've done for listing clients, and what they will never do for them again. We got a bevy of answers that ranged from fetching water for toilets to knocking down trees.
  • Most respondents were comfortable with giving repair and staging advice, and offering emotional support to clients.
  • But most drew the line at doing repairs and finding contractors -- which open the door to liability and cost issues.

An accurate Indeed.com real estate agent job posting would have a separate listing client qualifications column: “Must be prepared to dole out repair advice and provide emotional support. A certificate in cleaning preferred.” These non-transaction-related services are par for the course for most agents, according to a recent short poll by Inman. So when does going above and beyond boost your business, and when does it open the door to trouble?