Why the real estate industry loves to cast shade on Upstream

Misinformation distracts the big players from forming a united front
  • Brokers will be ready to adapt to a changing future with a flexible, powerful management tool in Upstream.
  • There are vested interests that benefit from confusion over Upstream's message.
  • The struggle for power pits broker versus MLS, and MLS versus NAR, when all should be united for progress relative to outside forces.

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When Realogy’s widely respected Alex Perriello questioned the necessity of "bifurcating" listing distribution this week, it poured gasoline on the Upstream chatter fire. Assertions that Realogy’s franchise network now didn’t support Upstream were quick, even though many of Realogy’s companies took on lead roles in the development and beta testing of Upstream (including one of its largest Coldwell Banker franchises). Education is about ideas. The idea that Upstream birfucates listing input and stifles innovation might be better received by a certain sector of the MLS crowd than a broker gathering. The process is already so multifurcated that many brokers input listings up to 12 different times just to get every system on the same page. It’s difficult to understand how a single input database that delivers feeds to each of those outlets makes the process more complex. Adding to the conversation, a new MLS technology was recently announced and immediately touted ...