4 steps to customer service that never lets clients down

It's about what's in your heart and soul
  • You have to exceed your clients’ expectations to deliver good customer service.
  • Great customer service is something you have to do 100 percent of the time, and not just 99 percent of the time.
  • What you say matters. Be intentional.

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Let's face it. Dealing with clients is challenging. Homebuyers are emotional. They see a bedroom painted red and can't move past the color of an otherwise perfect home. Homesellers are too rational. They need you to elaborate every bit of minutiae in your marketing plans to justify a price decrease. So how do you provide these two very different groups of people with high-class customer service? It starts with what's in your heart and what's in your soul. Here are four ways real estate agents can provide better customer service to both homebuyers and sellers -- 100 percent of the time. It starts with you To provide great customer service, you first have to want to provide great customer service. Everyone can spot a phony. Clients know when you're just babbling a bunch of bull. If you aren’t dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service all of the time in everything you do to everyone you encounter in your real estate career, you won’t have it in your he...