How to make the best out of your worst offers

Savvy agents use lowball offers as a starting point for negotiations
  • Agents should view lowball offers as viable leads, given the degree of interest it takes to even submit an offer in the first place.
  • Those that are prepared to handle lowball offers are more than capable of negotiating a deal that every party is comfortable with.
  • The manner in which you respond to a lowball offer will set the table for the rest of the negotiations.

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It is important for agents to understand one thing: a lowball offer doesn’t eliminate a respective buyer. At the very least, real estate agents should view lowball offers as viable leads, given the degree of interest, it takes to submit an offer in the first place. The agents who can turn a lowball offer into one that benefits both parties will certainly become a hot commodity. Perhaps even more importantly, there is no reason every agent shouldn’t be able to turn their worst offers into lucrative sales. Let’s examine just how to turn those offers that are less than encouraging into deals everyone can get excited about. Remain calm and collected It is important to note that a lowball offer is not necessarily a pre-emptive attempt to take advantage of a seller. Although there are certainly buyers who will purposefully undervalue a property for obvious reasons, it isn’t fair to automatically assume everyone is doing so out of their own greed. Instead, many lowball offe...