3 home pricing strategies you can’t afford to ignore

Up your chances of getting a great offer
  • Don’t attempt to incorporate any “feelings” into the price point, as it might elicit a false sense of appreciation and scare away buyers.
  • It might be a lot more beneficial for today’s sellers to price their homes at a lower point, given the amount of interest it can draw from prospective buyers.
  • The perfect price point ultimately comes down to the middle ground each party is willing to accept.

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Landing on the right price point, though simple in theory, is a complex endeavor. It is not enough to simply throw a number out there and hope buyers will like what they see. If for nothing else, neglecting your due diligence is a sure-fire way to hurt the home’s chances of selling in a timely and profitable manner.   Instead, do your homework and land on a price point that is conducive to the sale of the property. Above all else, use these three strategies to increase your chances of receiving an offer everyone can be happy with: 1. Emotions don’t have a say Whether you want to accept it or not, prospective buyers will never care what a home looked like prior to seeing it in its current state; the only thing that matters is the final product. That said, you should never price a home based on how much work was put into it  -- or any emotional connections for that matter. Sellers shouldn't expect anyone to pay for the renovations it took to bring the property up to ...