Than Merrill's Stories

Networking has become the cornerstone of a great real estate agent, and for good reason. Nothing can increase business more exponentially than a proper networking strategy.

Nov 7

The perfect real estate agent, while often replicated, is never duplicated. If for nothing else, the attributes that make up today’s best agents are more subjective than anything else.

Oct 31

It is important for agents to understand one thing: a lowball offer doesn’t eliminate a respective buyer. At the very least, real estate agents should view lowball offers as viable leads, given the degree of interest, it takes to submit an offer in the first place.

Oct 24

Today’s housing market is brimming with potential, as evidenced by the glorious return of equity and consumer confidence. However, for real estate to truly cross the recovery threshold into what you might consider to be a period of sustained prosperity, it will need to overcome at least one more significant hurdle: barren inventory reserves.

Oct 18

Landing on the right price point, while simple in theory, is a complex endeavor. It is not enough to simply throw a number out there and hope buyers will like what they see. If for nothing else, neglecting your due diligence is a sure-fire way to hurt your home’s chances of selling in a timely and profitable manner.

Oct 11

Curb appeal is considered by many to be the best marketing tactic for selling a respective property, and for good reason. Nothing else, at least that I am aware of, has the potential to attract more prospective buyers than a good looking home. At the very least, a well-maintained front yard will increase exposure and interest, two invaluable aspects of selling a home in a timely and profitable manner.

Jul 26

A simple audit of your average real estate business will most likely reveal a slew of antiquated technologies that are still in use. If for nothing else, real estate professionals are creatures of habit; they are content relying on dated systems that have gotten them to where they are today.

Jul 8

The advent of technology has called into question the need for real estate agents. Not unlike the once prominent travel agency, online portals are attempting to relegate real estate agents to a thing of the past. However, I am here to tell you that real estate agents are more necessary today than they have ever been.

Jul 6