5 creative solutions that will close any real estate deal

Think outside the box in order to solve your clients' problems
  • Real estate agents need to change their focus from selling homes to selling solutions.
  • Agents must learn how to handle curveballs creatively.
  • Thinking outside the box can be productive and lucrative.

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Let’s face it: Real estate is a quirky industry, and deals are rarely smooth. A vast majority of clients will throw you a curveball at some point -- whether they’re struggling to get a mortgage, going through a nasty divorce or dealing with the fallout of a past bankruptcy -- and rather than help them overcome these issues, you’ll feel tempted to avoid the headache altogether. You’ll tell them to come back once they have their ducks in a row. Making matters worse is the fact that the real estate industry is heavily regulated. If you’re a real estate agent, you probably sat through hours upon hours of classes that explained all the different ways you could lose your license. I don’t blame you if, as a result, you approach your job with caution and steer clear of challenging scenarios. But think about how many potential deals are falling by the wayside -- and how many dissatisfied customers there are -- because of your unwillingness to stray from the script. Th...