Zillow opens up listings to pro-quality video for a fee

Agents no longer need to use listing portal's app to add video to listings
  • Agents can now add property videos to Zillow listings that that aren't shot with Zillow's mobile app -- for $149.
  • They can still use Zillow's mobile app to shoot and add videos for free, but those videos are capped at two minutes and don't have audio.
  • The paid video option could strengthen the value of investing in high-quality video.

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Zillow's February rollout of a listing video option was a bit of a tease to some real estate marketers. The listing portal had provided a new promotional platform for property clips -- but only if you used Zillow's mobile app to shoot them. Not anymore. Zillow will now accept clips produced without its app for a price, opening up a massive distribution channel for high-quality property videos and a new revenue source for the company. Making room for the video vets Since Zillow added a video walkthrough option to its listings this year, real estate agents have uploaded tens of thousands of clips, according to Zillow Group Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Wacksman. The videos not only offer deeper insight into homes -- they also give listings a boost in property search results. "Double the views and double the engagement," Wacksman said. It's still free to add video clips captured via Zillow's app, but they remain capped at two minutes and h...