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Centriq app upgrades build impressive home data libraries

First reviewed last year, Centriq has drastically improved its home information capture features and partnerships
  • Centriq, a free home maintenance app reviewed last year, creates a property data hub for homeowners. The point is for owners to be in control of everything that powers a property.
  • Centriq now tracks recall notices, which often occur for major brand products but are rarely acted upon.
  • The app has added advisers from companies such as Dropbox, SalesForce, Amazon, Accenture and the National Association of Home Builders.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. A number of home maintenance apps populate the real estate tech market, and many focus on letting agents brand them as marketing tools. For Centriq, which has undergone a tremendous growth spurt in the last 12 months collecting investors, advisers, programmers and a host of new features, that model seems to play second fiddle to its smart, easy home intelligence app. Nevertheless, agents can still glean a lot of value from recommending it to new homeowners and sellers, and it can be branded with their image and contact information. What's new? Since I reviewed Centriq originally in September 2015, the iOS app has offered manuals, tips and forums for common homeownership concerns. Now, a homeowner need merely snap an image of an appliance's name plate to have Centriq automatically create a list of its details, including common parts, warranty information...