After Trulia-Zillow merger, Pete Flint dives back into tech

The former Trulia CEO has signed onto a startup accelerator
  • The former Trulia CEO has watched the Trulia and Zillow Group merger "coming to life."
  • Now he's joined an invite-only startup accelerator, NFX Guild, as a partner.
  • NFX Guild mentors startups across a range of industries. A current enrollee is GoldenKey, a pay-as-you-go real estate services marketplace.
  • He sees the digitization of data and transactions, increased computing power, open-source platforms and blockchain driving real estate innovation.

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Pete Flint cooled his heels after selling Trulia to Zillow a year ago. The former Trulia CEO has served on Zillow Group's board, also advising and investing in startups at his leisure. “After 10 years of starting and building Trulia, I kind of needed to recharge my batteries," he said. He's watched "the vision that we outlined at the coming to life," he said. For example, Zillow's Premier Agent app, which recently unveiled new features, is a project that sprouted at Trulia and has blossomed under Zillow Group, he said. "That was one of a number of opportunities that we identified as part of the merger’s discussions about providing software to the broader base of real estate agents," he said, in a comment that highlights the key role of the app to Zillow Group's growth strategy. But now Flint -- who was also part of the founding team of, a company that sold for $1.1 billion -- has put an end to his honeymoon. He's signed on to the startu...