RealScout’s BrokerIQ helps brokerages ‘close more deals in house’

New product from collaborative search platform can also help listing agents argue for price reductions
  • RealScout, a collaborative search platform, now can help brokerages close more in-house deals by showing listing agents what coworkers have suitable buyers.
  • It also now provides data that listing agents can use to help make the case for a price reduction to seller clients.

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Brokerages hold office sales meetings, in part, to encourage agents to find out whether any of their coworkers have listings suitable for their buyer clients. RealScout, a collaborative property search platform for agents and their clients, is the latest startup to automate the process. The goal is to help brokerages "close more in-house deals." Introducing 'BrokerIQ' "Traditionally, a listing agent will market listings internally by way of un-targeted marketing, e-flyers and weekly office meetings," said RealScout CEO Andrew Flachner. But with RealScout's "BrokerIQ," listing agents can view all agents within their brokerage who have potential buyers for their listing. Agents provide RealScout to clients as a powerful search platform that offers lifestyle listing filters and a room-by-room listing comparison tool, among other features. Agents can see buyers' search activity and set them up with email listing alerts. The platform can collect a lot of data about ...