When the market doesn’t want your home listing

Rethink pricing, staging and neighborhood borders before giving up on that unsold listing

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You just converted a $1.2 million expired listing that was on the market for over a year. It’s an A-plus property in terms of quality, condition, amenities and schools, but there’s one major problem -- it’s half Cape Cod and half contemporary. What steps would you take to get this property sold? What do you do when your new listing is contemporary in a market where everyone wants traditional or vice versa? Worse yet, how do you market a property that is a combination of both? One of my friends is trying to figure out why his stunning Cape Cod house hasn’t sold. The original two-story Cape Cod has a new addition that is as large as the original house. Although the exterior of the house is completely congruent, the original part of the house retains all the flavor of the Cape Cod style, and the addition is a modern style. What would you do to address this problem? Is it the price? The current listing is priced at $1,199,000. In a recent article, “Your one dollar pric...