Gary Gold: 3 reasons making nice with other agents is good business

Relationship building is critical in this industry

Selling real estate is a full-contact sport. It’s heavily competitive. But by the same token, the most important resources I have are other real estate agents.

Here are three reasons that working with other real estate agents is important to our business:

  1. The referrals you can get from other agents.
  2. You find out about pocket listings and listings that haven’t yet hit the market from other agents.
  3. In multiple offer situations, if you have a good relationship or reputation, you’re going to get the deal.

Also, in the luxury market, it can be tough to coordinate showings or get into listings. Working with other agents positively helps facilitate this.

If you’re not already, help other agents. Loose the scarcity mindset, and don’t worry about petty things.