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SmartZip launches new service to connect agents with ready sellers

Predictive marketing company's latest offering verifies homeowners' intent to sell and transfers hot leads
  • New lead qualification service aims to connect agents to ready sellers and save agents time by weeding out those unlikely to sell.

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In an inventory-starved, raging-hot seller's market, finding homesellers who are ready to pull the trigger and connecting with them fast can mean the difference between becoming the real estate agent who lists that home and the agent who wishes she had. Predictive marketing company SmartZip, based in Pleasanton, California (a city that is no stranger to scarce listings), has rolled out a service -- SmartZip Outreach -- that it hopes will give its agent customers that edge. The service's team of inside sales agents (ISAs) uses the company's SmartTargeting platform to predict which homeowners are most likely to sell at any given time and then proactively verifies those homeowners' intent to sell, immediately transferring any hot leads to Outreach agent customers. "For real estate agents, bridging the gap between cold lead and qualified lead can be difficult and time-consuming. Often times, opportunities are lost when agents get busy and are unable to connect with good listing ...