Offrs: Can the hottest marketing trends combined stir up smart leads?

Solution finds, nurtures and qualifies leads for real estate agents
  • Offrs uses 'predictive analytics' to pinpoint likely sellers, markets to them and turns some into qualified leads.

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Dropping buzzwords is a time-honored marketing tradition. Offrs, a real estate marketing system for real estate agents, invokes four of the trendiest in its pitch to potential customers: “machine learning,” “predictive analytics, “artificial intelligence” and “bleeding-edge” (which is the new “cutting-edge”). Because all of these catchphrases are somewhat vague, it’s hard to say whether Offrs truly embodies each of them. But what we can say is that Offrs streamlines marketing for agents. It crunches data to identify potential leads, targets them with campaigns and connects the “hand-raisers” to agents. Around 4,000 agents currently have access to the platform, according to co-founder Rich Swier. Offrs' RAIA -- an artificially intelligent digital assistant --will let agents manage marketing campaigns through an interactive video interface. Other platforms that marry data analysis with marketing include SmartZip, ReboGateway and First. We can...