generate leads from video

Turn views into closings: 3 ways to generate leads from video

Always remember to provide value first
  • Optimize your YouTube by using YouTube Cards, don’t forget a call to action, and leverage Facebook.

Video can elevate your branding, spark conversations and even generate new business. It's no longer the future of real estate marketing. It’s how people today are consuming information, and it's quickly becoming the preferred form of content. If your goal this year was to capitalize on the power of video, then you might have started producing quality videos you knew your target audience would value -- and love. Your engaging videos deserve an equally captivating lead strategy, and with a couple of smart tweaks and the right promotion, those likes, comments and shares can start turning into leads. Here are three easy ways how: 1. Fully optimize for YouTube People love YouTube, and so does Google. Take advantage of that simple yet crucial concept by optimizing your YouTube videos. If people are searching YouTube to learn more about an area or to view one of your listings, don’t let them click away. Use this opportunity to turn the viewer into a lead. Login to ...