5 real estate marketing trends defining 2017

Connect better with your network through personalization and social media advertising
  • If you’re trying to capture the attention consumers in 2017, try live streaming video, content marketing, digital showings and incorporating drone footage.

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Marketing. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. And though it may sometimes feel like marketing is falling outside of our job description, there’s more marketing in the day-to-day of the running of a real estate business than we may realize. Now we’re more than halfway through the year, and there are a few marketing trends that have begun to define the real estate world for 2017. If these five marketing trends aren’t on your radar yet, you should catch up and maybe even jump on the marketing bandwagon. 1. Live streaming and video marketing Get comfortable in front of the camera, and start streaming! Instagram and Facebook are making it easier than ever to share videos and create live video events with and for your network. Think of utilizing live streaming as a means to host a virtual open house or even answer questions that your leads may have on a listing. It’s an easy way to allow your clients and leads to get to know you and your style too if they...