4 ways to get yourself kicked out of the neighborhood

Avoid these missteps, and you'll be well on your way to dominating your niche
  • If you want to keep coming back to a neighborhood, pay attention to the rules, price homes properly and dress appropriately.

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Farming and working particular neighborhoods are great ways to develop leads and nurture a steady client base. But oftentimes real estate agents shoot themselves in the foot and manage to alienate themselves from those neighborhoods without even realizing it. Here are four ways agents alienate themselves from potential clients in a neighborhood. A mishandled open house One of the first open houses I ever hosted as an agent was in a highly sought-after suburb near my office. As I pulled up to the house, a neighbor greeted me and mentioned that there was no parking allowed on a certain side of the street. I thanked him and went about setting up. About an hour in, there were nearly 20 people walking around and asking me questions about the property. About that time the same neighbor walked in very upset that there were several cars parked in front of his house on the wrong side of the street. It shouldn’t have surprised me that when his house went on the market a few mo...