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4 steps for getting your clients to sing your praises online
Feb 21
Seeking out 'your people' as a rookie is a crucial part of building your career — they’ll pick you up when you're down and help you grow
Feb 13
If the seller thinks you’re insincere or untrustworthy, you’re sunk before you begin
Aug 21
A few simple habits can change the nature of your business and allow you to come through for clients
Feb 14
Real goals from actual professionals
Jan 5
Tough to shop for clients? We’ve got you covered
Dec 13

Farming and working particular neighborhoods are great ways to develop leads and nurture a steady client base. But often times real estate agents shoot themselves in the foot and manage to alienate themselves from those neighborhoods without even realizing it.

Sep 6

As a real estate agent who helps a lot of millennials through their first homebuying process, and a millennial myself, I have had several older agents come to me for help when dealing with this new generation of buyer.

Aug 23