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Real estate leaders declare ‘the MLS moment’ is here

Council of MLSs kicks off annual event saying 'we can make homebuying better'

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AUSTIN -- It was too early for champagne, but the Council of Multiple Listing Services kicked off its annual conference in a celebratory mood this morning. Amid accelerating MLS consolidations, a new emphasis on the essential role of the MLS in everyday real estate transactions, and a commitment to meeting change head-on, CMLS CEO Denee Evans declared that "the MLS moment" had arrived and CMLS President Lauren Hansen invited MLSs to "make your mark." .@councilofmls CEO @deneem3 on the value of MLS #CMLS2017 — Andrea V. Brambila (@InmanAndrea) September 14, 2017 "This is not the time to let others define our future. We have a voice and we must use it," Evans told attendees. "Our role at the heart of the real estate market needs to be appreciated. Now is our MLS moment." "MLSs have been a silent partner for far to long and we cannot be silent any longer." - Denee Evans — CMLS- Council of MLS (@councilofmls) September 14, 2017 MLSs ha...