How to create your own real estate team for market domination

  • Once you have wisely chosen your team members, set up systems and processes, keep communication open and celebrate your success with your team and your clients.

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Real estate teams are increasingly more popular throughout the industry. Teams can provide a strong competitive advantage when you combine people with skill sets that complement each other and with personalities that work well together. A team that includes successful listing agents with expert showing agents, someone with an eye for great documentation detail or staging and the communication talents of a masterful marketer creates an unstoppable force. The best way to compete with today's teams is to create your own. Here are seven steps to building a successful team: Start with a business plan If you are considering building a team, evaluate what you are trying to achieve and set goals. Build a one-year business proforma, with estimated sales and commissions (revenue) and anticipated payables (expenses). Figure out job descriptions so that every team member will understand what they bring to the team and what is expected of them. Pick your team members wisely Just lik...