10 dos and don’ts of starting a real estate career

Show up, be willing to learn, understand there will be hiccups, adjust when things aren’t going right -- and enjoy the process
  • Starting off on the right foot is key to being successful in real estate, so be sure to chose the brokerage/team that’s right for you, and learn the skills you need to be self-sufficient.

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Though failure is common in the real estate industry, there are real estate agents who get into the business and close 20, 30 or 40-plus homes their first year. Imagine earning that type of income right out of the gate. You too can make this happen when you treat real estate as a career. Below, you'll find five ways that people fail and a few things you can do to ensure your success. 5 ways to fail fast Don't: Sign on with the first company you talk to Too often, real estate agents only talk to one company before agreeing to go to work. There is no such thing as a one size fits all. You must interview a few companies to make sure that you find the company that fits your style and the vision you have for your future. Don't: Decide to work from home too early in the game The freedom to work from home is so tempting. But, if you want to be on the fast track to stabilizing your income, you need to surround yourself with mentors and top agents who can show you how the business...