5 principles for building a successful real estate team

Great team leaders continue to make adjustments and refine their business, skills and systems
  • A good leader will have a vision and purpose, strive to improve, be willing to change and maintain a winning mentality.

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Every successful real estate agent eventually starts hitting his or her head on the ceiling and must make choices about what to do next: expand or burn out on doing the same thing over and over for the same paycheck. Once my business hit a ceiling, it was clear I had to make a change. And I can tell you that going from an individual agent to building a team can be a daunting process. However, with the right principles in place (the five listed below), you will find that you can create a strong culture, an amazing work environment and increased productivity and profits. Have a vision A clear vision helps you know what you need to do daily to keep your momentum toward your goal. Successful teams know where they are going. Leaders have a clear vision of the future. This means the team knows with clarity the visionary numbers including transaction volume and where they will be in the next year, three years, five years and in the future. This type of clear vision creates a team dyna...