6 tips for scoring the 6-digit paycheck of your real estate dreams

  • Competition is fierce, so to rise above the rest, formulate a strong USP, find a niche, build a brand, master social media, snag reviews and cultivate your database.

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Gone are the days when people only had one or two options for hiring a real estate agent. Being a successful professional in such a world requires standing out from the crowd. With so much competition, it might seem impossible to reach six-digit (or more) earning power, but with these tips you’ll be on your way in no time. Here are six tips every top producer knows. 1. Have a strong unique selling proposition Your success depends on the fact that people choose you over everyone else. It’s up to you to win them over. One easy way to get their attention is to develop a strong USP (unique selling proposition). Separate yourself from the masses by promising something that no one else in your field promises. This might sound like fishing for clients, but that’s the name of the game in today’s market. People are overwhelmed by so many advertisements that only the most memorable cut through the noise. By creating a USP unlike anyone else in your field, you guarantee tha...