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Greg Hague’s ‘plan to save real estate’ raises money — and eyebrows

Self-proclaimed real estate 'maverick' parlays 'Stop Zillow' petition into fundraising campaign

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Greg Hague Are you part of "The Plan to Save Real Estate"? Launched earlier this week by Scottsdale, Arizona-based real estate coach Greg Hague (owner of Real Estate Mavericks), this unusual crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $1.1 million to fund a brand new, Realtor-backed competitor to Zillow. As of Friday, it had raised over $35,000 from about 250 backers, in addition to $135,000 in commitments made by Hague, according to the project's funding page. Some observers question the wisdom of trying to mount yet another industry-led challenge to Zillow Group, while still others dismiss "The Plan" as the work of an opportunist taking advantage of gullible agents. But Hague appears to have built a following over the years, including agents who deploy his $990 listing-fee model, which often functions as a lead-generation tool. Many agents who know him believe he has the industry's best interests at heart, a sentiment with which he heartily agrees. "I'm trying to do a good t...