Dale's Stories

To get a little 'me time,' focus during the week, set clear boundaries and expectations, and hire some help if need be
Jun 20
It's all about incentives and putting them in the position to succeed
Mar 4
Here's the formula you need to master to overcome this very common objection
Jan 19
Regardless of whether you go with a team or go it alone, there's one absolute: You have to treat your business like a business
Nov 9
Reciting pre-memorized verses is a waste of time unless you're a newbie — focus on the art of conversation instead
Nov 9
If whatever you need to say is not so urgent that you would show up unannounced, then send a text message rather than calling
Oct 4
It’s a skill that can be learned and perfected — when in doubt, focus on the value you are adding for yourself, your business and your future clients with each call
Aug 14
Meeting objections with more objections will kill the rapport building required to overcome the buyer’s resistance
Sep 28