Buy a house already: How to get millennial renters off the fence

Sharing strategies for making homeownership as profitable as possible will help you convert renters into buyers
  • Comparing the costs of renting and buying is still a great way to sell people, including millennials, on homeownership. Sharing hacks on how to make a profit on homeownership is taking value a step further.

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If you’re having trouble turning members of America’s rental generation into homeowners, Linda Liberatore has one suggestion that might make a huge difference: sell millennials on homeownership. Linda Liberatore With a couple clever real estate hacks, it’s pretty easy for homeowners to create cash flow to offset the costs associated with owning a home, and by sharing these real estate hacks, you'll become the go-to agent for millennials. During an interview with Pat Hiban, Liberatore explored several real estate hacks designed to make homeownership as profitable as possible. Below, we'll cover a couple of the hacks you can use to convert rental-minded millennials into eager buyers. To learn other real estate hacks and more ways to build a strong base of millennial buyer clients, listen to the podcast below. Long-term real estate hacks: Find roommates with Roomster Getting a good roommate, or even se...