Pick a location, market to it: Real estate circle prospecting done right

  • Circle prospecting can help you build a listings-based business that provides ongoing, steady income, but it’s a long-term strategy that takes follow-up and consistency to a whole new level.

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Many agents spend a lot of time prospecting FSBOs and expired listings. That means that when you call one of those homeowners, you’re coming up against a large number of other real estate agents who are also prospecting those groups. That can result in frustrated homeowners who don’t want to talk to yet another agent. Perhaps a better way is circle prospecting, contacting homeowners in a radius from your most recent sell or list in the area, or geographic farming as it may be called in your market, which involves choosing a neighborhood and making contact with as many homeowners as possible within that area. In addition, you may use a recent sale, current listing, open house or other element as a way to initiate a conversation and connection with homeowners in that area. The purpose of circle prospecting is to begin building brand recognition in a particular neighborhood, to build more relationships with local homeowners, and over time, to win listings consistently in tha...