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Forbes honors young tech stars invading real estate in 30 Under 30 list

Lucrative industry attracts eager minds with big ideas

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Each year, business magazine Forbes honors young visionaries in an array of fields with its annual 30 Under 30 list. The 2018 list, released this week, is teeming with young minds set on creating cutting-edge products to disrupt the real estate industry. Many of them were featured in Forbes' Consumer Technology category. Mark Lesswing, senior vice president and chief technology officer at the ‎National Association of Realtors, believes there are a lot of inefficiencies to be addressed in the real estate industry, an attractive target for disruption, and that many emerging tools are mature enough to greatly improve processes. “With the high values at stake in our transactions, one intrusion on a real estate transaction can yield more than a thousand intrusions in other, lower value (most other businesses are lower value anyway) transactions,” Lesswing said. “If I can be clever enough to intrude on one real estate transaction, why would I go through the same effort a thousa...