Realtor association leaders: Let’s raise our standards

Hear the broker cries from behind the gray curtain
  • Standards aren't a sexy topic, but lack of adoption is costing the industry dearly. Association and MLS leaders must actively self-reflect on our ability to serve brokers and agents.

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You can’t hear James Dwiggins’s screams. We all need to hear them. Dwiggins is the head of NextHome, a company that works in over 100 MLS marketplaces. Like so many brokerage companies that span numerous states, NextHome’s brokers and agents need similar data and services everywhere they work. They’ll join as many associations and MLSs as is necessary. In many locations, this isn’t a problem. Standards have been adopted. Data is translatable. Feeds are accessible. Policies are clear. Then, there are the others. They reside behind a gray curtain. Here, standards are just a suggestion. There is no black and white, only local discretion. Few on the outside of the curtain ever see what’s behind it. When Dwiggins's company enters a new market, he’s often told: “We don’t do it that way. We’re unique in our location. This is how we’ve always done it, and it works just fine.” So, once again, Dwiggins swallows his frustration and gets to work. He pays p...