5 things real estate agents can learn from superfans

How healthy obsession can fuel your career

Big plans for business in 2018?
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For what are you willing to rearrange your schedule, budget and comfort? The newest tech gadget? Your favorite celebrity? A sick family member? You favorite team going to the national championship? You have probably seen others do it: camp outside for hours to purchase the newest iPhone or see the latest blockbuster movie, spend several hundreds of dollars to see a sports team play at a championship game that it may ultimately lose or become a borderline "stalker" to connect with a celebrity. Some may call these people crazy, but I understand that they will do anything for their priorities -- anything. Will you? As a real estate coach, I am honored to connect with thousands of people across the globe. From many of them, I hear, "I want to close 50-plus deals this year, and I will do what it takes to make it happen!" But when I look at their lives, I see: No consistent plan for lead generation Months without them learning anything new Follow-up only once or twice ...