instagram engagement tips

6 ways to supercharge your Instagram engagement

Always highlight your office and listing locations as much as possible
  • Set up a business page to get access to analytics and advertising options, and present the unique aspects of your listings.

Fueled by its Stories, Instagram has doubled its user base to 700 million monthly active users, and despite heated competition in the mobile-social space, it appears to be taking the lead. Although many of its features are simply clones of Snapchat, users don't seem to mind, meaning it's the place where your prospective clients are probably hanging out online right now. If you want to reach this engaged audience, you need to invest some time into learning the platform. These six tips are a good place to start. 1. Tag locations in Stories Instagram Stories are already getting more use than Snapchat's, and Stories hasn't even been live for a year. Their usage has grown at an extremely fast pace, and tagging locations in your Stories is a great way to get noticed by a local audience. You might even get featured on your city's story, which can result in a ton of views. Be sure you tag your location at your next open house. 2. Make sure your Instagram page is a business page Makin...