More leads, less effort: 3 crucial follow-up tools for teams

These tools make it possible for a relatively small team to convert a large volume of leads
  • Lead conversion rates can be improved with the right automation approach. If you elect to automate lead responses, it’s important not to lose the human element that engages prospects.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Converting online real estate leads doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s true that many teams dedicate a considerable amount of time to lead management, but it’s possible to achieve impressive conversion rates with far less effort than you think. On a recent podcast with Pat Hiban, Suneet Agarwal shared how his team maximizes lead conversion with minimal effort. Thanks to some very sophisticated follow-up practices and tools, Agarwal’s agents are able to convert online leads with relative ease. To learn about three of the follow-up tools Agarwal uses to maximize conversion, read on. For details on how to use these tools for best results, listen to the podcast below. 3 essential follow-up tools for online real estate leads Riley When an online lead comes in, Agarwal aims to service it with as much automation as possible; however, he doesn’t want prospects to feel like they’re communicating with a robot...