Zillow trending toward profitability, earnings analysis shows

Real estate company posted net loss for the fourth-quarter and full-year 2017, but strong revenue growth is telling

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Seattle-based Zillow Group cracked $1 billion in annual revenue last year, the company revealed yesterday in its fourth quarter and full-year 2017 earnings report. The company posted a net loss of $77.2 million in fourth-quarter 2017 and a net loss of $94.4 million for full-year 2017, but an analysis of the real estate company's revenue (which continues to outpace realtor.com) and expenses over time illustrates a trajectory toward profitability, with Zillow's Premier Agent advertising platform continuing to drive the bulk of the revenue. For more analysis, click through the slides below. Mike DelPrete is a strategic adviser and global expert in real estate tech. Connect with him on LinkedIn....