3 tips for succeeding as a millennial real estate agent

Use your tech savviness in conjunction with old-school methods

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Although millennials often get a bad rap for being “lazy” and “entitled,” they can break through these stereotypes and run a lucrative business. Here are a few tips for millennial real estate agents to keep in mind if they want to grow a successful business in today’s marketplace. Employ old-school marketing methods Because you grew up with technology, you are probably a pro at using social media and all of the latest software to establish valuable connections and expand your network. However, this is not enough to grow your business. Traditional marketing techniques are still an essential part of real estate success. This includes: sending cards via snail mail, attending and speaking at events, talking to people offline and more. It’s one thing to create a relationship online, and it’s another to build that relationship at in-person meetings where you really get to know potential clients and establish trust. Build personal confidence If you don’t feel com...