Here’s the tech that real estate leaders should be using

Inman's first-ever Real Estate Leadership Survey reveals surprising tech trends that leaders are embracing. Also: ones they aren't and should be.

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

This is one part of Inman's five-part Essential Guide for Real Estate Leadership, which we are publishing throughout our first-ever Leadership Week. Read all the parts here. Please send your feedback to If you’re a leader who wants to join us for our exclusive Disconnect in The Desert event on March 26-28, or want to recommend a colleague, send a note to explaining why. In Texas, one Coldwell Banker franchise has shifted nearly all of its $150,000 marketing budget from newspaper advertising to social media while retaining a sizable expenditure for staging open houses -- an old-school move they still believe to be invaluable for generating business. At another Coldwell branch in Oklahoma, a top-producing octogenarian couple have thrived as sales agents, in part by embracing the company’s Customer Relationship Management tools despite having no computer at home, and refusing to let go of that aging relic: the fax machine. “What fascinates...