How to make new real estate agents feel welcome on your team

5 creative ideas to let your recruits know they are appreciated

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You invest a lot of time, money and energy into recruiting new real estate agents to your team. Of course, you want them to feel confident in their choice, before and after they sign-on with you. The question is: How can you make sure that your new agents feel welcome and secure in that decision? Here are five easy ways that you can show your agents how much you care about them from day one. Social media posts A public proclamation of excitement on social media is a wonderful way of showing your followers how proud you are to welcome a new agent. Help everyone get to know each agent a bit better by creating a short interview of questions like: Where are you from? What inspired you to become a real estate agent? What do you enjoy doing in your down time? Why did you choose to join our team? Why should people hire you, and how do they get in touch? You could post a picture of your new agent along with his or her answers to the interview. For a more engaging po...