12 live video ideas that work across platforms

Excited about shooting but short on ideas? Try these suggestions

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On Jan. 11, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped a small bomb on business users of the platform: effective immediately, Facebook would strongly prioritize newsfeed posts from users’ friends and family. Page content — the type typically posted by businesses — would take yet another hit to its visibility. There was a silver lining in this announcement, however. Zuckerberg specifically called out live video as high-engagement content; in other words, the type of content the new algorithm would be designed to promote. So if you, like many other page owners, have been panicking over what will happen to your Facebook visibility, don’t despair. Make some headway against the changes by trying out these ideas for Facebook Live videos — and while you’re at it, here are some suggestions for live videos on other platforms, too. Facebook Live Facebook Live videos have a high time limit — four hours — so they’re ideal for longer-form content. Insider tip: set up a Facebo...