How to stake your claim on more real estate listings

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When you have listings, you have something to advertise, something to promote and something to prospect around. Throwing open houses gives you a reason to meet the neighbors and tap into your database, not to mention countless social media posts, excellent video content and fresh blog material. Having listings also gives you an opportunity to snag referrals when you knock it out of the park. Listings make your phone ring, and keep your calendar full. The real question is: Do you have enough inventory on your shelf to meet buying demand? If not, how do you get more? The trick is to create more listing appointment opportunities — and make sure you nail the appointment. Here are a few tips to help you do that. Create more opportunities  Focus on the word "create" here. You don't "stumble upon," "hope for," "get" or "find" more listing opportunities — you create them. Everything in business is either intentional or accidental. It's either the result of choices you have m...