3 essential real estate farming practices for generating seller leads

Multi-touch marketing will improve your chances of engaging prospects
  • Reaching out to each and every household in your farm is a waste of time. By utilizing predictive analytics, you can market only to those who are somewhat likely to sell their home soon.

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Are your attempts at real estate farming producing poor results? Adam Long recently joined Pat Hiban to discuss how real estate farming has changed and how agents can adapt for better results. For an overview of the real estate farming practices essential for success in today’s markets, read on. To hear Long’s strategies for modern real estate farming, including how to figure out who might be moving soon, listen to the podcast below. https://traffic.libsyn.com/hibandigital/Adam_Long.mp3 Essential real estate farming practices If you want to waste less time and achieve better results when prospecting for clients, you must consistently employ the following three practices: 1. Engage the right people Many agents waste too much time engaging people who can’t or won’t sell a home anytime soon. Renters, for example, aren’t worth pursuing as potential seller leads for obvious reasons. Someone who recently moved into the neighborhood is another example of a pe...