Launchpad by Re/Max Integra
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Re/Max Integra fires up new version of company resource suite, Launchpad

Tools like this help proliferate a team atmosphere in a world of independent contractors, inspiring a sense of camaraderie out of the idea that they all have a common gathering place
Launchpad by Re/Max Integra
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  • Re/Max Integra is the largest sub-franchisor within the brand's system, with offices in the U.S., Canada, Iceland and across Europe.
  • Launchpad is a browser app designed to give agents and brokers quick access to technology tools, performance metrics and other company-supplied resources.

Re/Max Integra’s Launchpad is a single sign-on solution that connects agents to all of the tools used in business.

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Launchpad is a web platform for members of the Re/Max Integra sub-franchisor to access partner software and daily business information.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-first
Ideal for: All offices and agents under the Re/Max Integra brand

Top selling points

  • Mobile-inspired user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Easy access to valuable features
  • Revenue and goal tracking
  • Valuable selection of partner products

Top concerns

While mobile-first, agents may be disappointed to learn there isn’t a true app associated with Launchpad.

What you should know

Launchpad is the lobby entrance to a valuable library of resources for brokers and agents under the roof of Re/Max Integra.

Its user interface clearly reflects the developers’ intent to leverage elements of a mobile user experience to ensure fast adoption, such as finger-friendly click targets and minimal primary actions per screen, or in Launchpad’s case, categorized columns of content.

In short, interacting with the system should present little problem to any agent capable of using a smartphone.

Referred to internally as Launchpad 2.0, the system offers agents access to a left-to-right, four-panel layout of tools and resources, the first being, MyTools.

An app store of sorts, the tool card is where users set up partnerships with third-party vendors such as BombBomb for video email, Placester for websites or FiveStreet for lead aggregation. It also opens Re/Max University, a collateral design center and a technical support center.

The MyGoals card is at first a quick look at annual actual-versus-goal performance. Click deeper into it, and users can understand all the metrics and averages pertaining to where they stand financially and where they sit in the Re/Max club pecking order.

It uses circle graphs (think dotloop) to display Total Ends, Average Sales Price and Effective Commission Rates, among other indicators. It also shares rankings against other agents in the office.

Users can interact with company and industry news via the MyFeed card. Launchpad will show announcements about newly available tools, help videos and Re/Max-published market trends.

The last panel is MyLeads and Listings, which gives agents quick access into what’s happening with their inventory and a running list of prospects that can stream from more than 100 lead sources, including Re/Max Integra’s internal lead provider.

The look and feel of the software is approachable and non-clinical, it’s Mac-esque in terms of white space, lack of clutter and clean fonts. Users won’t have to think much.

Like Keller Williams’ Kelle app, Launchpad is designed to support adoption of the tech and tools Re/Max Integra has invested in on behalf of their agents.

Don’t look at Launchpad or Kelle as surreptitious attempts to lock down agents. They are used by smart companies to better their employees by reducing barriers to the resources that can make them more productive. And yes, every brokerage has to work to keep its agents around.

Platforms like Launchpad are especially critical for real estate companies because of the disparate technologies they make available to their sales teams.

Moreover, they help proliferate a team atmosphere in a world of independent contractors, inspiring a sense of camaraderie out of the idea that they all have a common gathering place, not unlike a Facebook group.

Launchpad has some room to grow, however. A companion app would open a lot of opportunities, as would office discussion channels or a messenger tool of some kind.

But it’s software, and it’s always changing, especially when it had a user base the size of Integra’s, spanning multiple countries. Inman was told adoption rates are high, and this new version should do a lot to keep users logging in.

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